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Överum, located 35 km north of Västervik in the province of Småland, has a long tradition of iron handling. The enterprise was founded by the Walloons in 1655. The presence of flowing water, plentiful timber for charcoal production and iron ore were the determining factors in establishing a manufacturing facility in Överum.

The production was initially dominated by cannons and cannon balls, but also pig iron and bar iron were produced. A long and successful history in iron and steel handling has led to the modern methods of today, achieving hardened steel structures with both durability and extreme strength. In combination with a solid experience of different ploughing properties in various soil types, this gives Överum ploughs a unique position in the market in terms of efficiency and service life.

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Our Timeline


The Överums Bruk works was founded, when the Walloon Henrik de Trij was granted the Royal Charter for building a blast furnace and cannon foundry on the site.)

In the early 1800s the foreman named CP Spångberg created the first Överum horse plough and Överum started up serial production of horse ploughs, which went on for 108 years until 1958.


A new era in the history of Överum was started. Tools for the development of agriculture. Mouldboard ploughs were already being manufactured besides many other tools that were extremely important to agriculture.


Överum was purchased by the Match Company. This led to a new production boost, and the manufacturing of tractor ploughs began in 1928.


The first fully mounted plough was launched and one decade later, the world’s first plough with a fully automatic stone release system came along. As early as 1959 Överum launched the first fully mounted reversible plough, however initial sales were not a success. The desired success came in 1968 when the S-plough was introduced to the market. This was a ground-breaking plough system, where the frame consisted of a tubular section, with adjustable working widths and hydraulic stone release system.


Överum was owned by Kongskilde Industries A /S.


Following CNH Industrial N.V.’s sale of the Överum plough business to a Munich based investment holding in April, the company now operates independently under the new name Overum Industries AB.

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