Fully mounted reversible ploughs

Fully mounted reversible plough


Överum Vari Flex EX On-land is a new series of heavy duty fully mounted reversible ploughs. The new range consists of models from 5 to 7 furrows with hydraulic stone release system. The On-land feature means that the plough can be pulled by a tracked or wheeled tractor with dual wheels on un-ploughed land. With accurate GPS support this technique works well in many conditions. On-land ploughing means less compaction in the bottom of the furrow and reduces the need to switch between dual and single wheels. It also opens up the tracked tractor sector to the positive benefits that ploughing offers to a high yielding crop. In on-land position the plough is in balance for turn-over without any alignment movement. This makes the turnover quick and easy.

Technical Specifications

Model Number of furrows Point to point clearance Under beam clearance Weight
EX-OL 5975 H 5 90 75 2800
EX-OL 5980 H 5 90 80 2900
EX-OL 6975 H 6 90 75 3100
EX-OL 6980 H 6 90 80 3200
EX-OL 7975 H 7 90 75 3400
EX-OL 7980 H 7 90 80 3500


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