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The gold standard in soil cultivation

Överum ploughs are designed to guarantee high quality ploughing, easy set-up and favourable economy. All this is based on long experience of plough development. This places Överum ploughs in a class of their own. Durable frames, manufactured using only the best quality raw materials, ensure long life and maximum output.

Maximum durability

Överum has a high strength/ weight ratio thanks to the use of heat-treated, hardened steel. Frame tubes of HRM 500 steel have 40 % higher yield strength compared with standard frame tubes. The profile has a high bending resistance and can withstand large loads.

A modular design with bolted joints has many advantages. Worn or damaged parts can easily be replaced. Precision drilling guarantees a perfect fit. Överum have plough beams for extreme conditions. The heavyduty beam with 80 cm clearance has cast steel legs with increasing material width where stress is the greatest. The leg profiles enclose the beam in a U shape for added strength.

Simple and easy setup

A simple and logical adjustment system makes it easy to adjust the plough to give the lowest draught requirement. This means the best ploughing result and the lowest operating cost.

Separate set screws for the righthand and left-hand vertical adjustment simplifies basic setting. The turnbuckle along the side of the frame affects the alignement of the plough body. It is used to balance out all the lateral forces so that the plough easily follows the tractor. The width of the first furrow is adjusted with the transverse screw or cylinder. The same logical adjustment principles apply to all models of Överum reversible ploughs.

Quality of Steel

ÖVERUM Mucro is the name of the heat-treated steel used in ÖVERUM wearing parts. The raw material is chosen with great care and heat treated according to ÖVERUM’S own method. The correct carbon content in the steel profile determines the properties of the mouldboard. The mould board blanks are processed for 24 hours in an oven with carbon rich environment and high temperature. Carbon then penetrates into the surface layer of the steel. The subsequent heat treatment will give the surface layer both hardness and wearing resistance at the same time as it gives toughness and impact strength in the centre of the mouldboard.

Heat treatment brings out the best properties of steel

More than 350 years of experience with handling steel has developed into our own special methods of hardening, in close cooperation with Swedish steel suppliers. The mouldboards are treated for 19 hours at 900 degrees in anoven with a gas mixture containing an excess of carbon. The carbon content in the surface of the steel increases while the core remains unaffected. The surface becomes very hard during the subsequent hot forming and hardening, while the unaffected core maintains its stress absorbing toughness. The right carbon content in the steel profile determines important characteristics of the mouldboard. The enrichment of carbon in the surface layer and an unaffected core results in a combination of toughness in the centre and hardness on the surface that is 65% higher in Överum's original mouldboards compared with boron steel.

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